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A Homegrown, Ridiculously Good Restaurant Group by Melissa LaScaleia Having grown up here, Jack Divine has always called Myrtle Beach home, and started the Divine Dining Group of restaurants in Myrtle Beach in the early 80s.  His first restaurant was the classic River City Cafe.  He followed it up with Ultimate California Pizza in the …

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Food Artfully Prepared in a Casual Environment by Melissa LaScaleia The Water Tree Cafe, run by Pennsylvania native Chef Gabi Mazzochetti, has been open since March 1 of this year in the Market Common. “I wanted to go to college for art,” Gabi says of her background, “and my parents directed me into the land …

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Computer Viruses Get the Boot With This Myrtle Beach Based Company by Melissa LaScaleia PC Pitstop is an American owned, engineered, produced, and operated antivirus software company with headquarters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Many people might recognize the founder and CEO, Rob Cheng, as the guy from TV and be surprised to know that …

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A Message from Jim Parker


This August, when the beach gets too hot or crowded, it’s nice to know that there are other ways to have a good time.  810 Bowling opened recently in the Market Common (you can read the article at in the
June edition), in the space where the Piggy Wiggly used to be.  It’s a family style entertainment complex with bowling, pool, darts, and a whole variety of other games— many of which are free.

This is so new and so big, that this month, we want to bring greater attention to it.  Anytime you open a new business, it takes a while to work out all the kinks.
I’ve been a number of times, and I feel like it’s getting better every time I go.

810 Bowling is drawing people from outside of the Market Common, which in turn, creates a stronger community.  They’re putting forth a lot of effort to bring entertainment to the area, especially in the arena of live music.

Every time I stop by, the bowling lanes are busy and people are having a really great time.  It’s good to see family and friends have some activities to do together to enjoy each other’s company.

I’ve had a number of things on the menu—the chicken Philly, the quesadillas, wings, Caesar salads, the Southwest egg rolls, and the fries— and I’ve enjoyed everything.  The fries are truly delicious—they prepare them a number of different ways— chili, parmesan, and regular.  And everybody whom I’ve spoken to who’s had a burger thinks they’re delicious too; they have a lot of varieties.

Soon they’ll be bringing in a coffee shop— it’s going to be nice to stop by there before work in the morning.

The staff has been polite and courteous to me, and professional.  Ricky is one of the faces behind the bar there.  I’m always glad to see him; I’ve known him for over ten years.

All in all, 810 Bowling is definitely an asset to the community.  We’re glad for the value they bring to this area, and look forward to seeing their evolution in the coming months.

Jim Parker, Co-owner, Coastal Insider & President, Real Living Home Realty Group

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by Melissa LaScaleia This month, we continue our exploration of the origins and history of the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing of the United States Air Force, which was stationed at the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base for many years.  (See our June 2018 edition for Part I.)  The 354th underwent several name changes over the …

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