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The Newest Spot for Java and Conversation in the Market Common by Melissa LaScaleia Inside the Market Common’s recently opened family-friendly entertainment complex, 810 Billiards and Bowling, there is a new early-morning breakfast and sweet spot that just arrived to delight locals and fans with beverages, treats, and to top it all off—good talk. Liz …

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Holistic Cancer Coaching with Pam Wilk and BJ Moore by Melissa LaScaleia Pam Wilk and BJ Moore are holistic cancer coaches certified through The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education in Pennsylvania.  Together they founded Hope Thru Cancer, located in Murrells Inlet.  In an interview with the Insider, the two explain what a holistic cancer …

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Fresh Seafood, Beautifully Prepared, At An Affordable Price by Melissa LaScaleia Earlier this year, the family owned and operated Lobster House restaurant opened its doors to patrons, next door to Myrtle Beach State Park.  Second generation Vic Parsadanyan is the head chef and creative force behind Lobster House. “The restaurant caters to two types of …

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A Message from Jim Parker

Here in the community where we live, we’ve gotten past Hurri­cane Florence and the unprecedented flooding that occurred in non-flood areas, as well as Hurri­cane Michael.  In the aftermath of these storms, often the worst side for many is the ensuing emotional loss and grief, and the feeling of disruption it creates in the regular flow of our lives.  It can also leave us feeling disconnected from our environment.  But there is a lot of support for our community here— from church groups to non-denomi­national non-profits— and we want to acknowledge and support their efforts.

Chief among them is the American Red Cross.  Many people think of them as a disaster relief aid orga­nization exclusively, but less well known are the services that they provide the community on an ongo­ing basis.  They respond to every fire, and are there year-round for any disaster.

They are constantly recruiting and training volunteers so they can better serve our community.  And we live in a great area for recruit­ment as there are so many retirees among us.  We want to assist them in assisting our community in any way we can. Which is why we choose to focus our front page arti­cle for this month on the Red Cross, and what they have done and continue to offer our community.

Moving forward, we’re beginning a new column publicizing Red Cross activities and news, sharing the things that impact our local com­munity with our readers.  Coastal Living and Real Living Home Realty Group will be the proud sponsors and supporters of this information.  We want to become a message board for them with our publication.

It’s a pretty rewarding feeling to help people out in times of need.  We hope you’ll consider sharing your time or resources and join in the community support alongside us.

As always, we invite your feedback about our paper, and the content that you want to read.

Jim Parker, Co-owner, Coastal Insider & President, Real Living Home Realty Group

Are you or someone you know doing something notable in our neighborhood? Contact us with comments and suggestions at


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Charlie’s Corner

Living the Good Life in Market Common Charlie’s Corner is the domain of Char­lie, the furry four-legged lady’s man of Market Common.  Each month, he’ll share information to help all new, visiting, and ex­isting doggie community members get the most out of life alongside their human companions.  Here, we’ll feature his reflections on what it’s …

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Market Common Residents – Taylor, Mike & Oliver Fitzpatrick by Melissa LaScaleia Introduce me to your family. It’s my wife Taylor and I, and we have a little boy named Oliver Reeves, who was born six weeks ago. Where are all the places you came from?  Where do you live now? I was born in Indianapolis …

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Market Common History

by Melissa LaScaleia This month’s history takes us back to the roots of Myrtle Beach history, and the peo­ple and situations that shaped our coastal area. Before the American Revolution, during the era of rampant explo­ration and colonial growth, it was common for the English King to issue land grants to notables whom he thought …

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Recipe Corner – Taste the South Oven 325° 40 min – 1 hr This month’s recipe comes from Melissa’s kitchen—and is something she makes every Fall season.  It’s a perfect companion at a fall harvest table, especially Thanksgiving.  The flavors of dates and coffee compliment and offset each other— sweet and bitter— so the bread …

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Recipe Corner – Taste the South This soup combines the best of what the Fall culinary season has to offer— apple and root vegetables, and a smattering of herbs still standing proudly in the garden.  Smooth and creamy, the gentle flavors pair well with almost anything.  Try it for breakfast, with a salad or a …

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Recipe Corner – Taste the South As the summer season begins to wind down, (but not the heat!) it’s a great idea to offer our body a nourishing as well as detoxifying dish.  Kitchari is a traditional Ayurvedic dish which has been relied upon for centuries to calm, cleanse, heal, and nourish the digestive system, …

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