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Dry cleaner handing clothing to a customer with a smile.

Your Locally Owned and Operated Dry Cleaners By Melissa LaScaleia Mr. and Mrs. Lee are the owners and operators of Top Cleaners in Surfside Beach.  They are originally from Seoul, South Korea, and moved to Myrtle Beach twenty years ago from New York.   “We came to Myrtle Beach because our pastor invited us here,” …

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With a Full Bar and Breakfast and Dinner in the Market Common by Melissa LaScaleia Crepe Creation Cafe has been a staple in the Market Common community for the past seven years.  From small beginnings on Howard Ave. to the present location at 4012 Deville Street, owner Larry Cauble and his wife Emma Ware finalized …

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Provided by Brookgreen Gardens Murrells Inlet, SC –  September was a tough month for so many in North and South Carolina. Brookgreen Gardens also experienced signigicant flooding during the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Unprecedented flooding along the river affected the Lowcountry Zoo and caused significant damage to trails and zoo exhibits.  A special preview benefit evening of Nights of …

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A Message from Jim Parker

Happy New Year everyone!  As we ring in 2019, we’re pleased to share with you the ways in which we are expanding the Coastal Insider to make it even richer and more rewarding for our community. Our front page article for this New Year’s edition is a celebration of how we’ve evolved from our first fledgling paper exactly two and a half years ago, to realizing our goal of becoming a true community paper that unites all the communities along the Grand Strand— and with a monthly readership of 100,000 people. Our vision was born from our personal community involvement; as we live, worked, and played here, we observed the local culture and what was needed in our community, and then aspired to develop a model that would fulfill that need.    

Part of that vision that we’re bringing to fruition this new year, is the community sections of our paper.  Each community page is going to follow the same format; there will be room for a featured article about their general area— a place to delve into greater detail about a particular topic, as well as a listing of events— anything like a festival, parade, market, volunteer opportunity, or lecture, that is specific to that locale.  The new subsets will be easy to locate from several places in our publication— including the front page and table of contents.

We’re glad that we’ve taken on this venture to be able to connect the communities in this area; it’s been a privilege to serve the community in this way.  Our publication has been well received by the community, which shows us that we’re fulfilling a need in our community for connection and information. 

The housing market looks to be strong in the Grand Strand area going into 2019.  And all in all, this new year looks to be a positive one for us here in Myrtle Beach— all indicators are pointing in that direction.  Have a happy and healthy New Year from all of us at the Coastal Insider. 

Jim Parker, Co-owner, Coastal Insider & President, Real Living Home Realty Group

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Charlie’s Corner

Charlie’s Corner is the domain of Charlie, the furry four-legged lady’s man of Market Common.  Each month, he’ll share information to help all new, visiting, and existing doggie community members get the most out of life alongside their human companions.  Here, we’ll feature his reflections on what it’s like to be a dashing downtown doggie, …

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Meet Your Neighbor

Introduce me to your family.   It’s my wife Rhonda and I, and we have a little wiener dog, a dachshund named Macie.  I have a daughter Michelle, and her husband John, and their son Elijah, and they live in Pennsylvania.  John is U.S. Army retired.  Rhonda has a daughter Sonni, and her husband is Don, …

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Market Common History

by Melissa LaScaleia The Air Force Cross is a military honor given to a member of the United States Air Force.  It is the second highest honor that could ever be bestowed on a soldier.  This decoration is concomitant to military honors from other branches of the United States military: the Distinguished Service Cross, the …

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Recipe Corner

Mullein leaf has been used for thousands of years in herbal medicine.  It is said to be a great expectorant, soothing coughs and loosening phlegm.  An infusion of the flower is said to be helpful with colic, and a poultice of the leaves can ease the pain of hemorrhoids.  An infusion of the leaves in …

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Recipe Corner – Taste the South Everyone needs their favorite holiday cookie recipe and this one just may oust yours.  The combination of chocolate, nuts, coconut and delicate flaky butter cookie is heavenly, and the nuts can be omitted for those with allergies.  This cookie recipe has several steps but is not difficult to make.  …

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Recipe Corner – Taste the South Oven 325° 40 min – 1 hr This month’s recipe comes from Melissa’s kitchen—and is something she makes every Fall season.  It’s a perfect companion at a fall harvest table, especially Thanksgiving.  The flavors of dates and coffee compliment and offset each other— sweet and bitter— so the bread …

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