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Tire Town at the Inlet

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Market Common Mr. Store It 7/17

Where Storage is as Good as Home Mr. Store It Self-Storage, located on Socastee Blvd just outside the Market Common, has been in business for over 30 years. It’s owned by a group of local real estate investors. Penny Tharington is the bookkeeper for Mr. Store It, but wears many different hats as well. She’s …

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Eggs Up Grill at the Market Common

A Local Franchise Opens Its Doors Just Outside the Market Common Don Rau, the owner and operator of the franchise Eggs Up Grill, on the outskirts of the Market Common, has been working in the restaurant business his entire life. His father and grandfather before him did the same. Growing up, Don helped in his …

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Market Common Crepes

A Taste of Europe in Market Common Next door to the Grand 14 Cinema in the Market Common is Crepe Creation Café, owned and operated by Larry Cauble and his wife, Emma. Larry served in the military for twenty years. Now a veteran, he settled in Myrtle Beach six years ago, and lives and works …

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Market Common Farmers Market

How the Farmers Market Is a Boon to the Local Economy It’s May in the Market Common. That time of year when the summer heat is beginning to creep in and we all start to wear the contented smiles that come from being in warmth day after day. It’s also time to welcome back the …

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Market Common Law Firm

A Family Run Business Forging Service from Experience Woody DuRant was born and raised in Murrells Inlet, SC. He attended St. James High School, then Clemson University, and has a law degree from the Charleston School of Law. Market Common Law begins in Woody DuRant. After graduating, he returned to Myrtle Beach and started working …

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Market Common Dogs

How Old-Time Values Are Blossoming In The Market Common “I became involved with Orvis,” Larry Tyler, the Orvis store manager tells me, “when my wife’s sister sent me an Ex-Officio bug away hat. I found it to be intriguing.” The love for Market Common Dogs begins. Curious, Larry went online to discover more about the company, …

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Market Common Insurance Agency

A Down-Home Insurance Agency Down the Street From the Market Common Moore & Associates is a full service, second generation, family owned insurance agency for Market Common Insurance that’s been in operation since 1979. In the mid 80’s, Melvin Truett was a Nationwide Insurance agent in Florence, when he decided to move to Myrtle Beach. …

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The Benefitz Group

Helping You Make an Empowered Lifestyle Choice The thought of insurance and the act of procuring it, whether it’s life, health, or home, rarely engenders much enthusiasm. However, you ought to call The Benefitz Group, located conveniently within the Market Common. Instead it generally conjures up a range of emotions that range from befuddlement to abject …

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Market Common Bank

Our Local Community Bank Branch Opens in Market Common Anderson Brothers Bank the Market Common Bank is a local institution that is 83 years old and began back in the 1930’s when tobacco farmers needed financing for their crop. During the recession, there wasn’t an option for farmers to secure funding, so the Anderson family …

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Market Common Cleaning

Redefining Clean for the Market Common GermBustMyBins began in Horry County in 2016 as Market Common Cleaning. Companies like it have been in existence in Europe for the past 30 years, but didn’t begin to appear in the U.S. until around 2007 or 2008. They’ve increased in popularity over the years, especially in the south, …

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